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Hundreds of local families urgently need your help.

With pandemic restrictions lifting, many of us are feeling a huge sense of relief that life might finally be going back to normal.
But that’s not the case for everyone.

Fifteen months of restrictions have left hundreds of families in and around Haverhill struggling with real financial hardship through no fault of their own.

They’ve just about survived, thanks to support such as furlough, the Universal Credit top up of £20 a week, the hold on evictions. But with the end of restrictions, that support is also ending.
So these families are sitting on a time bomb of debt that’s about to go off.

Every week, more and more people coming to us, desperate for help. In the weeks and months ahead, REACH will need to help a record number of people with suffocating debt.
But we need to gear up now - so we’re launching a Special Appeal, because we don’t want to have to turn anyone away.

And your support could make all the difference.


Will you give a gift to help a family like Jay’s?

Jay was furloughed last year. He and his young family had to cut right back and buy only essentials.

But when he returned to work, his employer cut his pay and hours and Jay was even worse off – he couldn’t even stretch to the essentials any more.

So he came to REACH for help. Now he can see a little light at the end of the tunnel – read his story here.

Donate now and defuse a debt 

If you sign up to make a regular gift before the end of July 2021, your donations will be boosted by an extra £100, thanks to three generous funders! Click below for details

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If you’d rather give direct to our bank, here are our details:

Account name: Reach Community Projects
Bank: Natwest, Newmarket (A) Branch
Account number: 90193717
Sort code: 60-10-21
Thank you so much. We – and families like Jay’s - are so very grateful to you.
HW SignatureHenry
Henry Wilson MBE
Projects Director, REACH Community Projects


Read Henry's blogs to find out more about the challenges families are facing and how we plan to help: