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It's #DebtAwarenessWeek and a key part of our work is helping people who are being crushed by debt to get their lives back on track.  This week, we'll be sharing some of those stories, how the pandemic is fuelling debt, how we help, some interesting facts and much more.


A (3 day) week in the life of an Outreach Adviser

2020-09-02 10.07.22 1My name is Philippa - as one of Reach’s Community Outreach Advisers, I help people who find themselves in a crisis to get their lives back on track. Many of the families that I work with are struggling with debts, for all sorts of reasons – and the stress has a really detrimental impact on them. So I welcome the opportunity to be able to help them with food, accessing benefits, getting on top of debt and more. 

My week is never the same - but here’s a glimpse of what I’ve been involved with over a few days this month...


We'll be sharing more stories and interesting facts on our social media during the week, so stay tuned!