Teamwork ends Dave's hunger 

Thanks to your help, we’ve been able to help many people who have already been affected by the economic impacts of Covid-19 – including Dave*, a man in his fifties who had been unable to afford food.
PC Tully and Justine with car

Dave’s situation was discovered by PC Harry Tully of Haverhill’s Neighbourhood Response Team. PC Tully says, “I visited Dave as part of routine checks of a few people who we deem vulnerable or at risk, just to check on his welfare.

“I asked him what he was eating and after a bit of probing he told me he was going through bins and eating scraps to survive.”

We never want anyone to go hungry, so we were delighted that PC Tully got in touch with us for help. We put together a big food box for Dave, which included some fresh produce from a local event, and Justine took it down to the police station.

PC Tully and Justine in foodba

PC Tully tracked Dave down and showed him the food. He tells us that Dave just grinned from ear to ear. “Dave said he was telling people today that the police would bring him some food, but they apparently just laughed and said ‘the police won’t do that!’ He also said ‘I thought you were lying as well’. I replied ‘If I said I am going to help you out, I am going to do that.’

“I drove Dave back to his house and took the boxes of food inside. He did not say much but thanked me repeatedly and asked if he could shake my hand. I politely declined due to Covid, and we had an elbow bump instead.

“It’s my job to help people, whoever they are… in whatever way I reasonably can. I don’t really see it as any different to arresting someone to protect someone else.”

It’s great to have partnerships with the Neighbourhood Response Team and other organisations who have strong community links, because sometimes they do come across people in need, such as Dave, before we do. So we’re really glad for the tip-off from PC Tully.

*name changed to protect his identity