A message from Henry


I’m so grateful for all the support you’ve given, and continue to give, to REACH. It’s enabled us to expand and develop new services to help rising numbers of people facing poverty and crisis in and around Haverhill. We’ve launched REACH In The Community, our mobile service to help clients who can’t get to the Resource Centre. From that, we’ve now developed REACH Hubs – regular drop in sessions for those affected by poverty and crisis in villages beyond Haverhill.

But something’s been niggling me for a while; our clients aren’t getting help with some key challenges. Many have mental health issues, but mental health provision in and around Haverhill is inadequate. Affordable housing is another big problem – rents are rising at three times the rate of wages, and housing benefit is significantly lower than rental costs, leaving families struggling.

So we want to develop plans for growth over the next few years – to clarify what the needs are, what provision there is, what part REACH might play and who we might partner with.

In order to do that, I’m taking three months out from managing operations of REACH from 1st March – watch the video below to find out more. Our strong board of trustees and very capable team have been preparing for this over the past few months, and will continue to manage REACH operations from day to day while I’m away.

We’re really looking forward to the future and what more we can do, with your continued support, to help people facing poverty and crisis in Haverhill and beyond to get their lives back on track. And I can’t wait to share those plans with you in a few months!