Thank you all for your Christmas Kindness!    

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Thank you so much for your donations in response to our Christmas appeal. We're so grateful for your support at a time when so many people in and around Haverhill are struggling with poverty and crisis.  Your donation made Christmas a little brighter for them.

Your donation certainly made Christmas a whole lot better for Alice, a single mum of two children.  It's tough enough being a single mum, juggling a job while looking after your children.  After losing her job and now made worse by ill health, Alice has been struggling with debt and feeding her family; as a result she came to REACH for help.  It was clear that, on top of everything else, she was dreading Christmas.  There would be no special Christmas meal - beans on toast was about the best she could hope for.

But thanks to your donation, when Alice dropped in to see us on Christmas Eve, we were able to give her some delicious Christmas food including a turkey! Her face lit up - and for a few moments she couldn't even speak, she was so happy! We saw her again after Christmas and she told us how her children had shrieked for joy when she got home with the goodies.  She said,

"It was good to have just one day when we didn't have to think about things - we could just enjoy a lovely Christmas family meal together.  And it made such a difference!"

You and other generous people like you helped to raise £14,000 - enough to buy Christmas hampers for struggling families, and to help them in many other practical ways over the coming months.  Food donations from local people have been fantastic as well, and over 50 people volunteered to help pack hampers for local families like Alice's - people whose Christmas would otherwise have been pretty bleak.

Your kindness has done more than make Christmas a little brighter.  It's going to help many struggling families to get on top of poverty and crisis, and to be able to get their lives back on track.

Thank you once again!


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