Thank you to our heroic Harvest volunteers!

Westfield 603 SM
Pupils from Westfield Primary visited Haverhill Foodbank to help pack food boxes for Harvest

In our last email, Sandra our food bank manager was sitting on empty shelves in the warehouse. We asked you for help …and how wonderfully you responded - now you can barely move in the warehouse because of the huge mountain of food!
But then we needed to move that mountain – get that food to people who need it most. And we’ve been blown away by how many people have come to give up their time to drive our van round Haverhill, collecting Harvest donations, or pack that food  into boxes. They included teams of schoolchildren that had not previously been involved with us before such as pupils from Westfield School who came and packed boxes for an afternoon.

Thank you so much – you’ve all been wonderful and we’re very grateful to you.