Resource Centre Refurbishment will help 135 more families a year!

You’ve probably read how the introduction of Universal Credit and the delays in payments coming through are having a big impact across the country. It’s affecting people in Haverhill too. 27% more people are using the foodbank now compared with 2 years ago. Tragically, the number of people sliding into debt is increasing, and half of those we are providing debt advice for are in danger of losing their homes because of rent arrears.  Fortunately, if they come to us, we’re able to help them before that happens. 

But with the increases in people needing help, we’re about to refurbish our drop in Resource Centre to make better use of the space. By incorporating an extra work station, we’ll be able to increase the number of clients we can see by 25%. Over a year, this means an extra 135 families can get the help and support they need to rise above poverty and get back on their feet. 

The work starts in June. Friday 7th June will be our last session in the centre before the builders move in. On Saturday 8th, we’ll be moving out temporarily to Leiston Community Centre about 200 metres away, so do come and see us there if you need help. 

URGENT - could you help us next Saturday?

If you're able to help us for a couple of hours next Saturday 8th June or to move back again on Saturday 22nd June, please get in touch now! Email us, or call us on 01440 712950.

Thank you so much!