A big thank you to our donors

It’s not uncommon for people living in poverty to find themselves in the awful position of having to choose between eating and heating their homes. Think back to the weather we had early last year, and you can imagine what a difficult choice that would be. But that was a choice that 58 adults (plus 59 children) didn’t have to make - because they were able to get help with their utility bills, thanks to the Hopkins Winter Crisis Fund. 

We were delighted when Josh Hopkins from the Hopkins Charitable Trust visited us earlier in the year. Two of our clients, Helen and Kevin, who benefitted from the Winter Crisis Fund were there to thank him personally.    

We’re so grateful to Josh, and to everyone that donates to Reach. It’s down to your generosity that families in and around Haverhill that are caught in the poverty trap can break free and get back on their feet. 

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Kevin and Helen were able to thank Josh Hopkins personally
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From left to right: Josh Hopkins, Kevin and Operations Manager, Ann Allen