Fundraising ideas

It is only with the assistance of the public, can we continue helping families and individuals in Haverhill and the surrounding areas.
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Here are a few ideas to make your fundraising easy, fun and effective.
Five easy fundraisers
- Sacrifice three luxury items from your weekly shop, or give up your weekly coffee/pint and donate what you would have spent.
- Dress up as a superhero/someone famous/a tin of beans for a day and get people to sponsor you.
- Do a 24 hour fast for the foodbank or give up lunch for a week and donate what you save.
- Organise a crazy race: snails or babies or rubber ducks. Get people to pay £1.00 to enter or place a bet. Give a prize to the winner.
- Get sponsored to fast from Facebook or climb a mountain or do the chores for a week.
Sporting fundraisers
- Join an existing race - they are everywhere - then get sponsorship for Reach.
- Pedal against poverty: hold a static bike challenge and get sponsored to 'cycle' the distance to Paris
- If you are part of a team, challenge another team to football, rugby, netball ....... tiddlywinks
- Do a sponsored walk or swim. Row the Atlantic (it can be in the gym if you're not big on waves).
Seasonal fundraisers
- Spring: Easter egg hunt or get sponsored for giving up something for lent.
- Summer: Pimm's O'Clock or BBQ - invite friends round but get them to pay bar prices. You'll earn a few quid in no time.
- Autumn: Bonfire party - you can sell hotdogs, jacket potatoes, wholesome soups.
- Winter: 12 days of Christmas - do 12 charitable acts. How about good old-fashioned carol singing?
More fundraisers
- Quiz night: always a good money raiser
- Wine tasting: get a local wine shop to donate some bottles. They might even host it for you. Always worth an ask.
- Donate a day's wages and ask your company to match it.
- Dance-a-thon: get sponsored to dance until you drop or hold a salsa/samba/breakdance workshop and sell tickets.
- Fete: you could organise your own fete - cake stalls, guess the number of baked beans in a tin, face painting.
School fundraisers
- Talent show: discover the next Justin Bieber or watch your teachers strut their stuff.  Charge an entry fee at the door.
- Non-uniform day: an easy way to raise buckets of cash.
- Teachers vs. pupils quiz: Can the kids outwit the staff? 
- Charity gig: pop/punk/choral/classical - put on a gig and sell tickets.
Planning your event
- Check to see what else is happening.  You don't want to clash with something important locally or nationally.
- Book the event as early as you can.  These things always take longer to organise than you expect.
- Promote your event and ask your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to help by sharing the event.
- Contact the local newspapers - they love local news.
Keep up to date on developments
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