How We Help 

Visitors are greeted in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, with tea and coffee on hand.  We help with housing and benefits queries, CVs and job applications and provide access to online resources.  Timed appointments and home visits are available for complex matters, we also signpost to our projects and others.
We aim to get to the root of the issue.  A client may come to us asking for food or furniture, and we will help.  But this may be the symptom of an underlying problem, or complex set of problems.  Together with the client, we conduct a full financial assessment to begin the process of understanding the real need.  Then we help get things under control.  However long it takes, we will work with the client to get them back on their feet.

Journey Out of Poverty Updated

  • Relationships first – we see ourselves as standing with individuals and families in crisis – supporting them compassionately first and foremost 
  • Time and Space – we try to give people as much time as they need to talk through what might be a range of problems in a safe place.  We’re not going to tell them their time is up after 15 minutes
  • Getting our hands dirty - we don’t just advise.  We also provide practical support.  We’ll fill in a form, provide access to a phone or the internet, help write a CV.  We’ll take a young mum Foodbank client to the supermarket to buy toiletries and what she needs for her baby.
  • Our volunteers have been there too - our team are local and a number of volunteers have benefited from our services in the past, making them uniquely placed to get alongside others.