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Chloe Cox – Administrative Assistant
I joined Reach in September 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. I've always been quite interested in doing administrative work as I've always appreciated the quiet side of things as well as the general duties of working in an office. I feel quite fond of REACH as they support people in need of help, and I have been one to struggle and do struggle with mental health, so I feel working in the same field is very rewarding.

I'm a very creative and arty type of person having completed GCSE art as well as going on to do level 3 art and design at college. My goal is to become a tattoo artist at some point in the future and being at REACH will give me the experience I know I need to help me work my way up to that goal.

I'm a big lover of films so in my spare time, you can find me bingeing my favourite films/tv shows or working on my next art piece. I also enjoy the gaming side of things too.