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Dean Marsland – Warehouse Assistant
I started at REACH in late September of 2021. Reach had previously helped several of my friends and family when they were struggling for food so when I got the opportunity to work for them, I was delighted. Over the years I have struggled to find consistent employment, my work life mostly consisted of odd jobs in supermarkets and the occasional warehouse, once the Covid lockdowns began these opportunities slowed to a crawl. Luckily with help from the Job Centre I was able to spend this time dedicated to bettering myself, attending online training courses, and working with an employability advisor to help me find a more permanent position. Through my work with Job Centre, I was made aware of a Kickstart position with Reach, I applied, interviewed, and was later offered a warehouse assistant role. 

I have lived in Haverhill my entire life and throughout the years charities in and around the area have supported myself and my family including Reach itself, so I feel now that this is my opportunity to be a part of an organisation that can really make a difference in people's lives and helps others the same way I have been helped in the past. I enjoy my work in the warehouse and working alongside the volunteers is always a pleasure. I am very optimistic about my future at Reach, I hope to make a real difference in the community. 

Outside of work I have a passion for technology and science. I can spend hours reading about interesting little science titbits on the internet some useful others not so much but fascinating all the same. I also enjoy a good game of Pool with friends when we get the opportunity to get together in town. My other hobbies include drawing, piano and playing the occasional video game with friends.