Maximising Income Factsheet

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  1. Complete a benefits check to ensure you are in receipt of all the benefits you are entitled to on either Turn2us or entitledto.  This includes help towards your housing costs and council tax reduction.
  2. Check that you are on the right tax code
  3. If one of you earns under £12,500 and one of you earns over £12,500, transfer £1,250 of your personal allowance to your spouse which reduces tax by up to £250 -
  4. If you have older children living at home and they are working or receiving benefits, are they, as a minimum, contributing financially and covering the increase in food/utilities/food/council tax that it costs you to have them living there? Are they able to contribute more?
  5. If you have a disability or ongoing illness, are you able to claim disability benefits – see link below
  6. Are you able to get a part-time job? You can earn a certain amount before your benefits start being deducted. How much is dependent on your circumstances. Use one of the benefits calculators above to see how earnings will affect the amount you get.
  7. To help enable you to work you may be able to get 15 hours of childcare free if you have a two year old and are on benefits or a low income, or between 15 and 30 hours for a 3/4 year old.  
  8. If you get child tax credits click here to see which scheme will leave you better off financially 
  9. Are you able to apply to a charity for a grant to help you short term? There are many different charities out there. Fill in your details on Turn2us including location, age, previous occupations, and religion, etc, and see what is available. If you cannot find any support and you are in desperate need of help with utilities, white goods, or other essential needs, please do contact us and see if we can help you!
  10. If you’re pregnant or have a child under four you may be entitled to vouchers to use on milk, fruit, and vegetables.  Click here to find out more.
  11. Do you have things around your house that you no longer use/wear? Sell them on Facebook/Gumtree/eBay. This can include things like empty boxes and instructions for gadgets so have a look through eBay and be creative.
  12. Could you host a foreign student? There are schemes running ranging from hosting for a few weeks to longer. You will have to be assessed by the organisation for suitability and you will have responsibilities of care towards the young person.
  13. If you have a garage you could also look at renting that out as there are always people looking for additional storage space.  (If you are renting your room or garage out ensure that you let your insurance company know!)
  14. Are you in receipt of Child Maintenance? If not and you are the main carer, can the other parent contribute?
For more information about the various benefits mentioned please click on the following link:

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