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Roy Graham
With a background in Mathematics and Computer Software, Roy is currently a Senior Software Engineer working in the security industry. Having been involved in the running of volunteer youth work for over 25 years, he has a wealth of experience in dealing with the issues that arise in making a voluntary organization gel.

For the last decade Roy has been involved in the mentoring and development of junior colleagues in his workforce, along with the occasional foray into dealing with customers, both for understanding the new requirements for projects, and supporting ongoing long term relationships. With this background Roy has always been involved in the organizational side of projects, and brings that input to the Trustees. He has volunteered, and seen projects through from initial scoping to final delivery, and beyond. Being able to grasp the big picture at the same time as individual details is vital in both his chosen career and as a Trustee.

Roy has been a trustee of River Of Life church for several years, and that was his introduction to Reach.